Kumbaingiri Retreat

Kumbaingiri Retreat homestead

Favourites to see & do

Wake up next to nature

At first light, open the large doors from your bedroom and there'll be a symphony of birdsong to greet you. Guests have spotted dozens of beauties here: Eastern Spinebills , Regent Bowerbirds, Straw-Necked Ibis, Rosellas, Black Cockatoos – even an Eagle.

Wander the home paddocks and you'll see all kinds of curiosities. Here is a limestone Buddha, an ancient Papuan house-post, Turkish amphora’s and Arabic stone carvings. See if you can find the Indonesian frog, the Ramayana statuette or the Zimbabwean stone carving. Help yourself to the seasonal fruits; bananas, nectarines, oranges, lemons and more and find the tree that grows two different types of fruit!

Further afield there are grevilleas, burrawangs, tree ferns, huge native grass trees and towering gums to get lost in. Naturally, friends may join you: apart from the cattle, wallabies and goannas that freely roam.

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