Kumbaingiri Retreat

Blissful seclusion is how Australian Groumet described Kumbaingiri retreat. But the first people who knew this place, the Kumbaingiri people, called it place of healing. And the land all around was called Jagii - sacred.Kumbaingiri Retreat homestead
01-House-1.1 02-House-1.3
03-Living-area-1.1 04-Living-area-1.3
05-Living-area-1.8 06-Kitchen-1.2
07-Kitchen-1.5 08-Bedroom-1.5
09-Bedroom-1.3 10-Bedroom-2.4
11-Land-1.3 12-River-1.7
13-Vernada-1.5 14-Veranda-1.4
15-Veranda-1.3 16-Spa-1.1
17-River-1.1 18-River-1.3
19-View-from-house-1.2 20-River-1.5